This one time... at band camp...
— The good American Pie movie

Camp No Counselors started Labor Day Weekend 2013, as a way to get friends together for one weekend escape from the stresses of adult life. Labor Day weekend 2013, nearly 100 friends (and friends of friends) travelled to a sleep-away camp for an epic weekend that they’d never forget.

Nearing (or in) their thirties they were finding it harder and harder to gather together. The responsibilities of adult life were starting to take over.  Working around the clock and captive to their phones, they needed to recharge, get out of the city, and just have a worry-free fun weekend. Only something spectacular would get enough people to commit to a summer holiday weekend- so they rented a summer camp! What started as a small weekend getaway among closest friends, quickly became a 90-person event as the word spread.

They arrived at camp with no expectations, and at the end of the weekend, left recharged, alive and inspired by the amazing circle of new friends they had made. Disconnected from their phones, job titles and day-to-day lives, they began to truly connect with each other, as they collectively let go of responsibility to become carefree kids once again. Epic dodgeball showdowns, tugs of war, slip ‘n slide runs, dance parties and of course, Color War, became their weekend focus.

They realized that the majority of their adult lives are spent in situations where they are expected to be serious. When did the fun stop? Adults are rarely afforded opportunities to just play, to laugh at themselves and to just be silly. Camp was that chance. Highly accomplished and driven adults shed their work identities, and become their truest selves. 

By the time the weekend was over, the one question on everyone’s mind was, “When can we do this again?”. Another camp weekend was quickly planned, then another, and another Camp No Counselors was something special and more people had to experience it.

After introducing the world to summer camp for grown-ups on ABC’s Shark Tank, CNC now holds camp weekends in many of the most incredible and beautiful sleep-away camps around the nation. Since we started, there have been countless friendships formed, hundreds of relationships brought together, and even a few CNC marriages!

We’re proud to have held more adult camp events than anyone else out there, and to be the originators of all-inclusive adult camp weekends. We’re more excited than ever to be back for 2019. Seeya at camp!


Your CNC Non-Counselor Team