Brews Before the “I Do’s”

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party like it’s 1999.


2020 Dates

  • Florida - March 12 - 15

  • New York - JUNE 4 - JUNE 7

  • New York - SEPTEMBER 4 - SEPTEMBER 7

  • New York - SEPTEMBER 17 - SEPTEMBER 20


    More dates coming soon!




Are you a Best Man or Maid of Honor for someone getting married, and want to take the hassle out of planning an epic party weekend? 

For the longest time, groups looking to celebrate the impending nuptials of a close friend had (basically) two options for a bachelor or bachelorette party, each with their pros and cons: Rage in a city destination (like Vegas, Miami, or NYC) and spend a ton of money or rent a share-house or cabin somewhere to grow group camaraderie, but risk being bored out of your minds halfway through the weekend.

Not long after Camp No Counselors started up, we noticed a new trend developing among the campers coming to camp: bachelorette and bachelor parties! We asked each group why they chose us and it was simple, CNC was the cost-effective stress free way to host an amazing party!

From the moment you arrive to the second you leave we have the week-end planned for you, you will also have free-time to organize other activities and we’re flexible to make this week-end work for you. Not only does everyone pay the same but they can choose all their own activities as well as group ones.

You will have the opportunity to meet over 100+ other campers who are here for one of the best week-ends of their lives. Enjoy live music, DJ parties, foam parties, pool parties, a bunch of classic camp event and activities and we can hook you up with your own private bunk!

It might even be more fun than your wedding…


Archery / Arts ‘n Crafts / Baseball / Basketball / Billiards (Pool) / Canoeing / Capture the Flag / Climbing Wall / Color War / Dodgeball / Friendship Bracelet Making / Kayaking / Kickball / Nature Hikes / Paddleboarding / Painting / Ropes Courses / Slip n' Slide / Softball / Sunbathing / Swimming Pool / Talent Show / Tie-Dye / Tubing / Ultimate Frisbee / Volleyball / Waterslide / Water Trampoline and much more!


  • Accommodation (including bedding & towels)

  • All meals & snacks.

  • The open bar.

  • All camp activities.

  • Roundtrip CNC bus from NYC.

  • Parking Pass.

  • CNC Olympic Color War t-shirt.

  • We also have a 24/7 security team, an on-site EMT, a professional photographer and a number of qualified instructors for certain activity areas.


  • Private bunk upgrade (Limited per event)


  • Must be 21+ years of age

  • Must have valid ID


  1. Book your camp event

  2. We will charge your account

  3. We will e-mail you all the details you need to know about your CNC event

  4. Turn up and have the best weekend of your year!

It was more organized than my actual wedding hahaha!
— Natasha, New York
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