Have you been wondering who’s actually going to be on your Color War team, dancing with you around the campfire and lounging with you by the waterfront? We promise, it’s not as scary as you think. Let's get rid of your pre-camp jitters by answering some questions about who you can expect to meet at camp!

Average Age: 30

Our average camper is 30 years old on the outside but 12 on the inside. Through our application process, we curate a group of likeminded, safe and fun adults who need a break from the daily grind of being a grown-up. Ranging from mid 20's to mid 40's, our campers work hard in their day-to-day lives and enjoy taking a break from technology and escaping from reality.

55% Female / 45% Male

Girls really do just wanna have fun! While we skew slightly higher on the female side, we ensure that our female to male ratio is standard across all camps.

50% Single / 50% In A Relationship

Half of our campers are single and half have a significant other. Camp is a great place for romances  to form, many resulting even in marriages! But regardless of your relationship status, you’ll meet a ton of other awesome people who are looking for a fun weekend in the outdoors.

15% By Themselves / 85% In Groups

Most campers come in small groups of 3 to 5 friends but we also have many campers who attend solo and leave with a slew of new friends! We've had groups who want to re-live their camp days, bachelor and bachelorette parties, college friend reunions, as well as many first-time campers who missed out on summer camp as a kid.


We've had campers from all 50 states and over 20 countries, coming from as far as Australia and the UK. Most campers road trip or fly to each of our remote, scenic locations. But once the weekend begins, borders are meaningless and we all become part of the same family!

What Do Our Campers Do For A Living?

Who cares! We curate a diverse mix of interesting, passionate, accomplished and impressive adults spanning various industries. You’ll meet tech entrepreneurs, financiers, fashion designers, advertisers, architects, chefs, lawyers, philanthropists, artists, doctors, bloggers, actors and the list goes on.

So now you know, what are you waiting for? Camp season is almost here, and registration is open! Register now, while spots remain. 

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