It might’ve been a while since you last went to sleepaway camp (unless you’re one of the astute, trendsetting, and wildly good-looking adults that attended CNC last year), but every good American kid knows that those memories stick with you long after you cut off those friendship bracelets. If you're up for it, reminisce in these ten moods that only people who went to camp will understand.


1.     The excitement of making "camp friends" and seeing them 24/7, once a year. It was like all the excitement of having a best friend and doing everything together but without the annoyance of having to, like, actually see each other all the time.


2.     The brutal fights you had with strangers over who would get the top bunk. And then you’d spend the rest of summer hitting your head on the ceiling. Classic.


3.     When camp songs became a "who can be the loudest" competition. You can't ride in my little red wagon...nor can you sing louder than my cabin.


4.     That one kid who was the designated bug-killer. There's always one, and only one, who is willing to use their shoe for the greater good. It probably wasn't you, but you salute that brave soldier and are reminded of them every time you hide in the corner when there’s a spider.


5.     That feeling when you get caught smuggling candy into camp. In retrospect, why was I even going to places in life that didn’t allow candy? That shit would never fly now.


6.     Sharing a bathroom with other peeps really opened your eyes to personal hygiene. Charlie pooped the bed. Charlie pooped his pants. Charlie wiped poop on the slide and finger painted pictures all over it. According to Facebook, Charlie grew up to be a sexy doctor which is proof that the world is conspiring against me.


7.     Trying to keep contact with your camp friends who lived too far away. Being pen pals is much easier said than done. Gen Z with their fancy social media will never know the feeling.


8.     The bus ride home, where you texted your friends stories that were much funnier in person. You had to be there. But I’m glad you weren’t. What happens at camp, stays at camp!


9.     The hot staff member that you and your friends pined after. Let me guess: it was probably the lifeguard with the Australian accent who always wore his sunglasses indoors. Basic even at age 12.


10.   The kid in the bunk next to you who got really homesick and cried all night. We don’t care that you miss your gerbil, dude.


If that doesn't make you want to start a fire with flint or go to bed in a sleeping bag tonight, I feel sorry for the obvious problems with your camp experience. But if you do feel a bit nostalgic for camp, there are plenty of ways to get your fix. Microwaving s'mores in the office break room is always an option, as is building a pillow fort in your apartment and camping out with your roommate. You could even load some campfire songs onto your phone and jam on the way to work.


Or, you know, you could just go to camp again. But hey, to each their own.


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