HomeLos Angeles

StatusIn a relationship

ProfessionBrand Marketing Consultant

How many friends you attended your first CNC with1

Favorite Activity“Moose Alpaca” sing-along

Favovite CNC MemoryThe third night of the first year I went, a group of us were walking back from the campfire. We passed one of the empty rec rooms on the camp grounds, and we noticed that sitting there at the piano were two campers that we had all seen flirting the whole weekend. They were playing a song together, and it was just about the. cutest. thing. humanly possible. So naturally, we all ducked outside the windows and very creepily watched them, making up a dialogue for their conversation and giggling like schoolgirls. We weren't quiet enough; they caught us and we ran away, laughing hysterically.

HobbiesI read about three books at once, cook, hike, and try to get out of the country as much as possible.