Party 1:

NETFLIX & CHILL:  No, we're not just trying to get lucky... For this party we're going to use all of Hollywood as our inspiration. Meaning, anything that you might find streaming on Netflix, from original series and movies, to classic old school TV shows and films. Extra points for creativity: we'll be awarding prizes to the most creative group costumes for this night's party.

Party 2:

BACK TO SCHOOL: We may be adults at summer camp, but for this party we're going to dress old school, literally! Dress in any iconic school style, whether it be nerd, jock, emo kid, party animal, teacher, librarian, or classic character. And if you're worried about telling your parents your going to an adult summer camp, it wouldn't be lying if you told them you're going back to prove to dad that you're no fool.

The only place you can experience these parties is at Camp No Counselors.


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