The Camp

With over 600 acres and 100 years of experience, our Madison camp provides an expansive escape and playground for kids and adults alike. This private property boasts the classic “camp” experience, and is situated in the Wisconsin Dells, surrounded by a breathtaking waterfront with a sandy beach for sailing, kayaking, canoeing and jumping above the water, on the floating trampoline.

Well-maintained wooden cabins are arranged in villages, which sprawl across the campsite, creating mini-communities to get to know your bunkmates and neighbors. Each cabin is equipped with 6-7 bunk beds that comfortably accommodate 12-14 adults, complete with cubbies and hooks - for your costumes and camp gear! There’s even a patio space outside each bunk, for you to read a book or even finish your friendship bracelet while taking in that fresh camp air.

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