Camp season is finally here and we are so excited to kick off our first camp weekend with you. Before you set out on this camp adventure, it’s important that you get mentally and physically prepared. If you’ve been living like an adult then you’re going to need to train like a marathoner to behave like a kid again.

By Shira Brenman, VP Business Development at Camp No Counselors


Follow these 5 simple steps to prepare yourself for the journey ahead:


Step 1: Eat like a camper. Prepare your stomach for camp by practicing the camp diet. Eat 3 tacos and a bacon cheeseburger, then wash it down with a game of dodgeball. In the evening, make yourself a dozen s’mores and share them with no one.


Step 2: Sleep like a camper. Camp out on your balcony for the week leading up to camp. But make sure to limit yourself to 2 couch pillows as the mattress and a bathroom towel for your bed sheet. If your toes don’t hang off the bed, you’re doing it wrong.


Step 3: Smell like a camper. Bathe everything you own with campfire scented spray. Burn candles with names like “Smokey Woods” and “Sexy Lumberjack”. Don’t worry about showering, but if you do, go to a gym locker room to avoid privacy as much as possible. Practice your shower-time harmonies with whoever's in the next stall.


Step 4: Drink like a camper. Practice your hangover by drinking a mimosa every day for breakfast, followed by 2 beers at lunch and 16 cocktails in the evening. Rinse and repeat for 3 days. Expect caffeine intake to triple.


Step 5: Talk like a camper. We don’t care what you do for work. Ask a co-worker to smack you any time you say phrases like “move the needle” or “holistic approach”. Leave that boring shit at home and start practicing your spiral lanyard pattern and tie-dye folding techniques instead.


If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be ready to tackle anything camp throws your way!


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