Campers, Ask Away!


What’s Included?

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE trip so all of your meals, accommodations, activities, and the OPEN BAR are all part of your Registration fee. We often throw in a surprise event or performance and that’s included, too! Once you arrive at camp and get settled into your bunk, you won’t need your wallet or phone for the rest of your weekend escape. You didn’t have a cell phone or wallet when you went to camp as a kid, so why mess with that magic?!

What's activities are there?

Too many. It does depend on the camp/weekend but you'll have lake activities, to sports, to arts and crafts and then we have special camp events like the slip n' slide, color war, dodgeball and the talent show. There's many others we introduce into the weekend.

Who goes to CNC?

CNC is a co-ed camp for adults aged 21+. CNC brings a great mix of people from across the US (and sometimes further!) The people are diverse but they are like-minded and all here for a good time. To-date, our average age is 30 years old.

Where is CNC located?

We're lucky enough to own our very own camp a few hours from NYC, this year we will be hosting some events there and also in LA. We're working hard to bring CNC to a more locations in the near future.

Can anyone come to CNC?

Anyone can register to attend a Camp No Counselors getaway. For each camp we select a dynamic mix of fun, talented, inspiring and creative people through our registration process to create magical memories at camp. Within 3-5 business days of registering you will receive a notification if you have been accepted to CNC. 

Are cell phones allowed?

Yes, well kinda... we encourage you to put down the phone and connect the old fashioned way, however we also understand that you may need it. Cell phone service isn't great at camp so we have land line phones. We also have a photographer taking high quality photos so your Instagram will still look AMAZING!


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