Volunteer Photographer

The Opportunity

Job Title: Volunteer Photographer

Locations: Austin, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Seattle or Toronto

Compensation: Complimentary Ticket To Camp!

Status: Volunteer (Part-Time)

Hire Date: May, 2018

Reporting To: Event Manager

We are seeking Volunteer Photographers to assist in capturing the amazing moments that take place at a selection of our Camp No Counselors weekends near your city. While at camp, we want you to join in the fun! When you don’t have your camera in tow, we encourage you to participate in the camp activities, dress up, and party with the other campers! Photographs from your Camp No Counselors event should be suitable for documenting the weekend for our campers. Our campers are encouraged to not use their phones during CNC Weekends, and you will help them relive their experience through your pictures. After camp, the photos will be delivered to the campers via Pixieset gallery, where the majority of our campers download and share the photos on their personal social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Your responsibilities will start at the beginning of your designated camp weekend(s) and end once the pictures have been delivered.



  • You must work a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 camps in 2018. Transportation to/from camp is not provided.
  • Since the majority of our camps run Thursday to Sunday, you must be available certain Thursdays and Fridays during our camp seasons (May – June and August – October). We staff our camps at least 30 days in advance.


  • Take photos during various aspects of camp such as check-in, meals, activity periods, Color War, happy hour, sponsor shots, Talent Show, the Apache Relay, and theme parties.
  • Be accessible to, and interact with, all the campers on a regular basis to ensure they are having a great time and feeling like their weekend is being captured through your photos
  • Have a huge smile at all times as you are representing CNC
  • Join in the fun

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has previous event photography experience
  • Loves camp! Either you’ve wanted to go back ever since you were told you’re “too old for camp,” or you never got to go but know you’d love it and are dying to see what you were missing out on as a kid
  • Is organized & has a significant attention to detail
  • Has a positive outlook on life and is personable, energetic, happy, and hard working
  • Takes direction well & enjoys working in a small team environment
  • Has been to a Camp No Counselors event before. This is not a requirement but a bonus!

Interested candidates should follow these two quick steps to apply!

  1. Fill out the 2018 CNC Volunteer Application located HERE.
  2. Upload your resume HERE.

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