Who comes to Camp No Counselors? At camp, you'll find a mix of adults from all walks of life, from bloggers, actors, teachers, financiers, lawyers, doctors and other health professionals, and every occupation in between and imaginable.

We curate each weekend so it is full of an amazing and diverse group of people ready to prioritize fun and friendliness. Our campers come away with new friends across a wide range of industries, interests, professions and demographics. 

To date, our average age is about 30 years old with campers ranging from mid 20s to mid 40s. Read more to meet one of our campers!





Marital Status


Where do you currently live?

Jersey City, NJ

How many Camp No Counselors weekends have you attended to-date? 


What industry do you work in?


Did you attend camp as a kid?

I attended day camps growing up, but I never had the chance to attend sleepaway camps. Now, I am taking advantage of making up for lost time and going to Camp No Counselors weekends as an adult! I love Camp No Counselors because the CNC weekends gave me a chance to disconnect from everyday life and technology, enjoy the outdoors, and meet new friends. The theme parties and seeing everyone's crazy costumes are also a big highlight of the weekend!

What is your favorite memory at Camp No Counselors? 

There are so many memories from my CNC weekends! But three off the top of my head are Color War, stargazing with everyone outside after the theme parties, and winning a superlative award at my first camp.

How many friends did you go with to your first Camp No Counselors? 

Zero. Went completely by myself!

What is your favorite activity at Camp No Counselors?

 Just hanging out at the lake. There are always people laying out, playing volleyball, or going out on the boats. The slip-n-slides, zip-lines, and water slides are always a good time there.

What hobbies do you have outside of work and camp? Working out, playing Spikeball, and just hanging out in Central Park when it is nice out.

What surprised you most about Camp No Counselors? 

The amazingly strong bonds I have formed with strangers that became really good friends. These are people I probably would not have met otherwise, but we all ended up at camp together. 

A group of about 20 of us became really close when we all went to camp without knowing each other in September 2016 and all traveled to CNC San Antonio in August 2017. We have had reunions between and after the camps we attended. Since CNC San Antonio in August, we have had a monthly meet-up with future plans going into next summer.

Which camp location are you attending next?

New York!

Did you bring any special skills or qualities to camp? 

Nope. Just a smile and openness for a fun time!

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