Why Going Back to Summer Camp is EXACTLY What you Need.

There is a reason that films like ‘Fight Club’ & ‘Office Space’ are cult classics. It’s because there’s a lot of adults out there that can relate to the vicious cycle of monotonous routine that life can get you caught up in. Whilst the characters appear to understand their dull working life realities they do nothing to change their circumstances… but then by an awesome twist of fate, there is an intervention!

So if you’re a bit bored with the day to day work life, we’re the intervention that’s going to spice it back up! So read on…


There’s probably a good chance that at some point in your late teens/early twenties you said - “I just want a steady job with a good income” okay, cool… tell us more about your thirst for adventure. We hope that you said no to that pipe dream and instead went after something you were truly passionate about! If you did, you’re awesome!

Stick with us here… we want you to think back to how you used to spend your summers for a 30 seconds, you might of started to think back to your summer camp days growing-up… or at least spending time outdoors with the local kids in your neighborhood.

The cool thing about summer camp is that nothing in the outside world really mattered. The first summers as a kid you probably tried everything and it was awesome! You made new friends and connections and because you were having so much fun you never wanted the summer to end. Then, as you grew older and spent more summers at camp you probably developed more independence and started to care less about trying new activities and care more about fitting in with the people around you. Guess what, you probably made strong friendships and connections and still… you never wanted the summer to end!

Then if you went to camp as a camp counselor it was another amazing experience all over again. It was still all about having the ‘summer of a lifetime’ and making every second count. It was probably the worst paying job in the world, but you loved it and guess what, once again you never wanted the summer to end! You see the pattern? Camp gets a hold of you and you never want to let go of it.

Why do you think that is? We can tell you, it’s because you were there for all the right reasons. Camp was never about the money, it was always about the connections and relationships you built with others. Life should never be judged on the wealth you accumulate but the strength of the relationships you build. Summer camp thrives on that.

Spending time at summer camp is all about making the most of every opportunity, because ultimately you know how fast the summers go and you don’t want to absorb yourself back into the ‘real world’ expectations that exist outside of camp. For many camp counselors the end of camp meant finding a job so your parents would get off your back, it meant responsibilities that suck. Man, adulting is hard sometimes!


Fast forward 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from those summers and you probably still reminisce about them.

You’re probably at the point in your life where you can’t realistically give up the full time job to go spend a summer working at camp, let’s face it we’re a bit old! HOWEVER the good news is that for 3 days you can relive them like never before!

A Camp No Counselors weekend is about giving adults a short escape to the summer camp lifestyle, but with a TWIST! At our summer camps you get to crack open a cold beer around the camp fire, you get to stay up late as late as you want. It’s the camp experience that every 21 year old camp counselor wished was possible.


A CNC weekend is not only about reliving your summer camp days, it’s also about bringing people from all over the world that have never experienced summer camp before, together. Ask any former CNC camper what makes these events awesome and 98% will tell you it is because you once again get to make amazing connections and relationships with others. (The other 2% will say the open bar…)

By integrating yourself in a social environment with no distractions, you can really focus on having a good time. We don’t care about your job, your title doesn’t interest us. We want to get to know you on a more personal level, we’re going to want to know what you like to do in your spare time? Who was your first celebrity crush? Which cartoon character are you most like? Stupid questions that interest us and others.

Our goal is for you to leave our summer camp remembering that you have an inner-child that’s allowed to have fun!

What would your goal be?

Come Find Out

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