The Phone Rehab you Know you Need...but Refuse to Accept.

Let’s start with a basic question... how many times in the last year have you sat on the subway, the train, a bus or even a car with your friends and everyone is glued to the screen in their hands? I would guess that you would need more than 10 fingers to count them all. If you take a second to look around you can quickly tell that it extends past the basic public transport system. For example, have you ever waited for a machine at the gym and it’s taking ages because the person there is trying to take an Instagram photo, have you waited in line somewhere and a 10ft gap opens up because the person is texting instead of paying attention? We’re going to say yes because you know what we’re talking about…

So let’s read on!


Sadly in the digital age, it’s more than likely that you’re tagging the person you sitting next to you in an internet meme instead of having a genuine conversation with them.

Consider the modern work environment, it’s become an environment where you’ll find many people use their lunch hours (or work hours!) to catch up on Instagram, Facebook, What’s App Groups and Twitter. The need to escape at every possible moment into a device has meant the genuine art of conversation with a stranger has diminished. It’s sad and we know we’re generalizing a little, but we’re trying to get the point across that people talk more through their thumbs than their tongues!


We touch our phones on average 80 times a day, in just a few short years we’ve developed habits of unlocking our phones, mindlessly opening an app then locking our phones because we’re not sure why we’re even on them in the first place! It’s typically the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we look at before sleeping. We spend 30 minutes choosing a Netflix show and once we put it on… we pick up our phones and become distracted!

We’re all guilty of it, even us. We know a little social escape into the digital world can be great but too much time consumed on your device isn’t healthy. There’s always the danger that you get caught up in the artificial world and forget the authentic.


Are you embarrassed by the amount of time you spend on your devices?

If you are that person we just described then my next question to you is this… do you think you could go 3 days with a digital detox? Could you put down the device in your hands for 72+ hours? If you could, what would you imagine would fill up that spare time… what impact would it perhaps have on your ‘real’ social life? Think about it for a minute...

At CNC we don’t believe you need a phone to have a great time, nor do we think you need to show how good of time you’re having through your phone! What we care about is people making the right kind of connections. we want strangers to share a beer and talk about life. However we don’t limit the environment to 4 walls and a bar stool, we’ve taken the concept out into the world of summer camp. An open playground of fun for grown-ups.

For 3 days we challenge people to put their phones away and meet new people through a variety of social events and camp games. Job titles and economic wealth has no place here, we care about whether you’re a team player that can join in and have a bit of fun!

So our last question to think about it… are you up for the challenge?

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