5 Great Reasons Adult Summer Camp Should be on your Bucket List

5 Great Reasons Adult Summer Camp Should be on your Bucket List

Festivals are over-rated, night clubs are over-priced, group trips are cool but it’s a hassle to plan with different budgets, travel still rocks but you’ve gotta take time off work and go all out... so what’s the simple answer to a good week-end away?

Adult summer camp.

And here’s why…

It’s ALL-Inclusive


Yes, you heard that right! A CNC weekend is an all-inclusive event and that includes the OPEN BAR! You’ll have a drink in your hand when you arrive and we’ll make sure it stays cold all weekend long. Whether you’re chilling by the pool, hanging out by the campfire or busting some grooves on the dance floor … we’ve got you sorted! We’ve got live bands, foam parties, you name it. It’s the best of both worlds! The bus passes, the parking passes, the food, the accommodation, the snacks, it’s all in the registration cost. One easy upfront payment so you just have to focus on having a good time.

Color War


Color War is one of the best events in summer camp history! We’re going to divide you into teams and you’re going to go head to head in a series of challenges! There can only be one winner but don’t worry because everyone gets to go down the slip n’ slide at the end! Get wet, get messy but most importantly get involved! Other events include team dodgeball, kickball, plaque painting, relay races and skits!

Awesome Like-Minded People


The thing that makes CNC the coolest weekend on the planet is simply the people, people here rock. Everyone is here to hang out and meet new people. Some want to relive their summer camp days, some simply wish to experience summer camp for the first time, but everyone is here to have a good time. We want to build a community of campers that want to come back again and again.

The Escape


Camp is like a giant bubble and anything outside of that bubble just doesn’t matter! At camp you can just be yourself and no-one is going to judge you for it. Whether you’re the funny person, the shy person, the completely sober person, the loudmouth, the wacky dressed, it’s all good. Everyone has a place at summer camp and that’s a unique thing these days.

Oh, and there’s the digital escape too! You don’t need your phone, your wallet or a laptop… all you need to do is have fun.*

*You can worry about those emails on Monday!

The Activities


As we said earlier, we’re ALL-inclusive so that means you have access to dozens of camp activities. Archery, Ropes Courses, Tennis, Basketball, Zip-lining, Tubing, Waterparks, the activities obviously depend on which camp… but if our camps have them, you get to use them!

Sign up for morning and afternoon activities and try something new, or something you love! Choosing which ones is the only tough decision you have to make all week-end.. and it’s not really that tough!

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