10 Things You Can Experience At Adult Summer Camp

This summer we have spent a lot of time and energy making CNC the best camp experience there’s ever been. We really started paying attention to all the details that really matter because we want every camper to come away from a CNC weekend having had the best time and wanting more. So for any former or future campers out there, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of some of the things we have on the cards for this September… or as we call it “Late Summer”.

Great Music


This September expect a bunch of great music all week-end long! You never know when a band will show up to rock our high-socks off. And we always killer DJs guaranteed to make you dance all night long! Great music makes a great weekend.

Unique Activities


Hours of dancing away at night means you need to recharge in the morning. Join us for some poolside yoga or just chill and make friendship bracelets at our Arts & Crafts station. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow or play dodgeball with the squad, either way it’s going to be fun!

Color War


Color War is a camp tradition that goes way back to old school days of camping. You could be on the Red, White, Blue or Grey team and you will go head to head in a relay race around camp! Build a human pyramid, sink a beer pong shot, eat a saltine cracker and whistle the national anthem, compete in a dodgeball game.. there’s loads to choose from. The best part is that everyone will be going down the Slip n’ Flip to end the race!

Pool Party


Ain’t no party like a CNC party caue a CNC party don’t stop!*

Hang out by the pool, where we will have drinks, and activities to take part in. There will be music, games, hang out spots, you name it! Remember, your out of office email is on and you’re here to have a good time.

* It does stop… so we can eat lunch!



How much does a polar bear weigh?

Okay, so there’s people you don’t know here. It doesn’t matter because our team is here to break the ice for you. Whether you’re bringing your friends, your partner or just yourself we want you to meet new people, it adds to the experience. You can expect some fun ice-breaker games so by the end of the weekend you’ve meet a bunch of cool new people. You might even find yourself a CNC family for future events!

Ropes Course


It’s not all about partying and having fun, there’s so many layers to a CNC weekend. We want you to challenge yourself too, that’s why we open up the ropes course, push yourself and reach new heights, embrace the course and you might find that exhilarating growth zone that the day to day might not be offering you.

Better Connections


Something we love about CNC is the idea that you don’t need your phone or laptop to have a good time. Disconnect from Wifi for a few days and we promise you you’ll find a stronger connection. You’re in nature, embrace it, enjoy the social media detox and live care-free for a few days. At CNC no-body is going to judge you, no-one cares what you look like. Be the best version of yourself, it’s healthy.

New Relationships


Our team truly believe that the reason CNC is such a special experience for people is through the quality of relationships that people make here. We have a good amount of returning campers who love to come back and meet new people and stay connected with old friends. It’s what a lot of summer camps are built upon. If you ever went to a summer camp as a kid or worked as a camp counselor you will 100% get this. If you’ve never been to camp, we know that you soon will. The connections made at camp are incredible.

Camp Fire


It’s not summer camp if there’s not a camp fire. Sit around the fire, crack a beer, roast a mallow, sing a song (Don’t be the person that requests Wonderwall though) and watch the embers flicker away against the starry night sky.

We always say that life is best spent with friends around a campfire.

An Escape


For 3 days you will be chillin out, maxin’ relaxing all cool. No work emails, no business calls, no school runs! Whatever your routine is this is your chance for that little escape to happiness. Relive your youth and have a great time doing it.

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