Man, what an amazing whirlwind! After shooting the show last June (2015), it's been tough to keep such an exciting and game-changing secret from my family, friends and fellow campers for so many months. So, my first reaction to the show airing is - relief. No more secrets!


For those of you that tuned in to ABC's "Shark Tank" this past Friday night (May 13, 2016), you already know that we came so close but in the end, didn't get a 'deal'. Having Mark Cuban make an offer made it all worth it. Each Shark gave such positive feedback and while we didn't get the 'deal', we couldn't be happier with the result and response.


"It's a brilliant idea!" - Mark Cuban


Once I was able to breathe after no longer having to keep the secret, my next concern was, "how would they edit the show?" Knowing I didn't get a 'deal', were they going to play scary music and use a clip from the end, near the beginning to make me look stumped on a question?


"I don't see anything wrong with your business model." - Kevin O'Leary


The show started off with my pitch which I had planned, practiced and rehearsed over and over again - in the shower, while driving, on runs and on and on and on. Even with all the planning, I was still nervous as I entered the Tank. After I finished the pitch with the cameras rolling, all the nerves were gone and I was now in a position to do what I love most - talk about CNC! While they edited down the hour I spent in the Tank, they only shot one take, so what you see is all real.  Luckily they only beefed things up near the first commercial break with an intense zoom-in and some scary music, but besides that, I felt they did an honest job of portraying what actually went down.


"This is very clever. Seems like a lot of fun!" - Lori Greiner


While we didn't get a 'deal', we couldn't be happier with the result and response. First and foremost, we didn't give up any say in the direction of Camp No Counselors. We will continue to expand to new locations on our own terms, with our mission at the forefront of our growth. Secondly, the amount of 'kids-at-heart' that now know about our camp for grown-ups, has changed the game for us and we couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.


Since last Friday night's airing, CNBC's re-airing, ABC app plays, hulu watches and DVR re-watches, we have been absolutely inundated with registrations, amazing questions and general Camp No Counselors interest. We are doing our very best to get back to everyone in a timely fashion and anticipate that we will get back to absolutely everyone within 10 business days. Please keep the questions rolling in as we love sharing our sleepaway camp for adults idea with everyone! We appreciate your patience and continued support.


"It's a great idea!" - Robert Herjavec


Where too from here? Well, as we sift through all the emails, facebook messages and registrations to review, we can't wait to bring more camps, to more locations across the US and Canada. Since many of our camps are starting to sell out, keep your eyes peeled for newly added camp weekends at our already existing locations.

- Adam, Founder & Head Camper

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