By Dave Kushner, CNC VP of Community Engagement/Dude Who's Been on a Bunch of Bachelor Parties


For the longest time, groups looking to celebrate the impending nuptials of a close friend had (basically) two options for a bachelor or bachelorette party, each with their pros and cons: Rage in a city destination (like Vegas, Miami, or NYC) and spend a ton of money or rent a share-house or cabin somewhere to grow group camaraderie, but risk being bored out of your minds halfway through the weekend.


Not long after Camp No Counselors started up, I noticed a new trend developing among the campers coming to camp: bachelorette and bachelor parties!


It made perfect sense the more I thought about it. Bachelor/ette parties are expensive and a pain in the ass to organize. If you're the planner, it could be a nightmare fronting costs on your credit card, juggling multiple restaurant reservations, keeping track of flights and transportation, etc. Friend A is down for the big expensive dinner, but is balking at paying for bottles at the club. Friend B only wants to contribute to the parties but hates the hotel where you're staying and wants one with a pool instead. Then, it gets awkward because Friend C wants to spend money on excursions, but won't pay for any nightlife activities because they're doing Dry July (even though that's not a thing)...


With all that in mind, it's no wonder the idea of bachelor/ette parties at Camp No Counselors was (and still is) gaining popularity - having everyone in a cabin together, with all activities planned, meals set, access to incredible nightly theme parties complete with an OPEN BAR seems pretty damn good to me. Plus, a professional photographer is there to capture the weekend for you, so you can leave your phone in the bunk and stay off the grid for the weekend.


For bachelor parties, my crew of friends has done it all: Vegas, Montreal, New Orleans, NYC, Coachella and everything in between. So, a few months ago, when one of my best friends told me he wanted to have his bachelor party at Camp, I couldn't have been more excited. We all met going to camp as kids, so getting our own bunk and running around all day/ partying all night as adults was a dream come true.



Our weekend started with a party bus so we could all travel to camp together. We spent our first day participating in all the activities we could. First, a stop at archery to get our Hawkeye on.  Then, we hit up dodgeball, before kicking around a soccer ball for the rest of the morning. Our afternoon was spent together on the lake, where we got to know some of our fellow campers.




The next day, we got our game faces on and got really competitive for Color War. I wish I could report that we brought our team to victory, but unfortunately, things didn't go as we'd hoped. Still, for a group of "past our prime" old-ish dudes, we represented pretty damn well for our team.


Win or lose, we still booze, though, so that night, we put on our Jungle Book-inspired group costumes and partied our butts off (after a well-timed nap - naps are a thing, you know). Something about all of us being together, in nature, along with the flowing open bar, had us celebrating much later than we thought we'd be able to, and we were able to make every moment in our bachelor party trip worth it. Luckily, we had a few hours on the party van to catch some sleep on the way home.


Overall, the groom and his boys, myself included, had the time of our lives. Now, we're waiting for someone else to get engaged, so we can do it again.

Are you a Best Man or Maid of Honor for someone getting married, and want to take the hassle out of planning an epic party weekend? Registration now open for CNC camps all around North America. Group discounts available. 

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