There's no amount of hash-tagging that can convince me that #adulting is fun. Sure, drinking is a good time, but how many times are you pounding one back just to work off a tough day at work? Being an adult is a constant chore and robs you from simple childhood pleasures.


Here are a few things that were way better as kids:


TV Shows: I can’t even watch anymore because every show reminds me of me - the main character is either going through a break-up, having a run-in with the law, or is a superhero. (I can read my ex-boyfriend's texts with my mind, so I’m practically on Legion).


Food: Sure, I hated being forced to eat my vegetables as a kid, but you know what's worse? Acid reflux. I wish I could undo learning what a Calorie was. It has really ruined all my favorite foods like cheese and other types of cheese.


Clothing: Every time I want to buy a cute cardigan, I have to ask myself if it’s worth eating eggs for dinner every night this week. The answer is usually yes, but still.


Spring Break: It rings a bell but I don’t recall… What is that again?


Road Trips: Driving used to be so fun! My parents would put on Rafi and remind me to pee. Now I have to remind myself and then everyone hates me when I ask to pull over to relieve my baby bladder.


Growing Up: Another year used to mean presents and cake and staying up late! Now it just means having debt, wearing wrinkle cream, and being constantly reminded by my parents that they need grandbabies.


Laundry: I miss the laundry fairy who took dirty things from the magic hamper and returned them clean and folded into my dresser. Now I have to scrounge for quarters and stumble over to a laundromat for 3 hours whenever I want clean underwear, which fortunately is not that often.

Adulting is simply not the life for me. Luckily, there’s camp. If you want to get back to that child-like state of joy, contact us.

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